For the last two years, Undod has been building up its membership and expanding its activities. As we have said previously, our guiding principle is that the work needed to build a fair, just and humane society must start now: it cannot wait until Wales has achieved independence from the British state.

In that spirit, our members are already leading campaigns to see housing recognised as a fundamental human right. They are challenging the barbaric, discriminatory prison-industrial complex. They are campaigning to democratise the planning of our cities, working with other organisations to resist the commercial destruction of our communal and green spaces. They have organised rallies in support of our agricultural sector. They have called out the UK government for its callous, inhumane treatment of asylum seekers. More member-led campaigns will soon follow.

As our movement continues to grow, we need to build our campaigning fund. We therefore ask our members and supporters who are able to make a monthly contribution to our cause. This is independent of membership. You can chip in, even if you aren’t a member, and you can still sign up as a member for free if you’d like to learn more about us first.

The fund will pay for campaigning materials, allowing us to amplify our message online and in the streets. The Welsh language is fundamental to every aspect of our work; the fund will pay for the vital translation services which we rely on. The money will go towards political education, empowering our members with the tools to self-organise and lead the campaigns that matter to them. In all of these ways, the fund will help us to grow our movement further, so that we are represented by communities in every corner of Wales.

This year offers us a turning point. Brexit and the pandemic have laid bare the self-interest, greed and incompetence at the heart of our governing institutions. Scotland stands on the brink of independence; Ireland’s reunification could soon be underway. This is the moment to consolidate and strengthen our movement, as we work in solidarity with like-minded organisations to build a society with economic justice, care and sustainability at its core.

If you share our principles and want to help, either by signing up as a member, contributing to our campaigning fund, or both, you can do so here:



The content of these articles does not necessarily convey the standpoints of Undod as a movement. We have chosen to publish a variety of items by people who support our principles as a movement in order to inspire and spur conversation.