Felindre’s bitter pill: we need stronger protection for rural Welsh-medium schools

This piece was contributed by Angharad Dafis, a representative of the supporters of Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Felindre. We welcome the Welsh Language Commissioner’s far-reaching verdict that the City and County of Swansea failed to take the essential statutory step of carrying out an assessment of the effect on the Welsh language within the community before setting […]

Healthy communities are the basis of our lives

Healthy communities are the basis of our lives. That’s the belief of a group of people from Gwynedd and Anglesey who are developing an alternative strategy for community development. They call themselves “SAIL” – meaning “Basis” – because community is the basis of everything. “SAIL” has nothing to do with yachting! The basis of the […]

The problems of eco-capitalism

In the middle of our multiple crises, modified forms of capitalism – usually branded New Green Deal or something similar – are presented as solutions. This is a dangerous distraction. Introduction Only a madman or an economist would dispute that the world is in the grip of a series of related ecological, climate and equality […]

Join Undod today

For the people of Wales, Thursday night served as final confirmation to an increasing number of us that there is no future for ourselves, and our children, within the structures of the British state. Alliances between our ‘progressive’ parties could have saved the day in terms of keeping the Tories out of our Parliamentary constituencies, […]

The democracy killers

Back in October, following the prorogation of the Westminster Parliament, we were provided with a short, sharp account of the limits of British democracy on this blog – exposing the extent to which it falls short of the ideal and how open it is to abuses. With little over a week to go until the […]

Mass civil disobedience breaks out in Catalunya

Cymraeg | català Undod / solidarity with Catalunya Yesterday the Spanish Supreme Court finally gave their verdicts against the nine Catalan political prisoners on charges, including ‘rebellion’ and ‘sedition’, associated with the October 1st 2017 referendum on independence for Catalunya. All were prominent politicians or cultural leaders and Catalunya has been anxiously awaiting the expected […]

Plaid Cymru and nukes – meltdown mentality

Plaid Cymru meets for its annual conference at Swansea over the weekend, and no doubt we’ll hear all sorts of promises about the independent Wales which seems to be closer than it has been for ages. But can we rely on Plaid to lead us to the promised land? Or will the party lead us […]

Does Wales even need a capital city?

Wales’ independence is an opportunity to rethink everything. In his widely praised speech delivered at the independence march in Merthyr Tudful, Eddie Butler called independence a blank canvas. A referendum will no doubt be the means by which we become independent but we shouldn’t let our vision be limited by that horizon. After the march, […]

Wales rising

Liminal 1, relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process 2, occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold *** Merthyr Tudfil; that crucible of the Welsh imaginary where industrial Wales began. Merthyr; that legendary name where the forces of Dissent first mustered in Wales; Merthyr; the word […]

You can’t fix Britain

There was no coup d’etat. Nothing illegal happened. The British state is doing exactly what it was designed to do. In Britain’s unwritten constitution, there are no rules, only conventions. What Boris Johnson did certainly feels wrong. A Prime Minister from a party that hasn’t won an election in Wales since 1885, winner of an […]

Boris Johnson can be defeated in Wales with radical democracy

You’ve heard it by now: some posh wanker has asked the Queen to suspend the Westminster parliament to push through a no deal Brexit. Even Philip Hammond is calling Boris’ move undemocratic. The UK is on fire, once again. Or rather it continues to be on fire but some Etonian has pissed petrol onto the […]

Why we in Wales should be defending the Rojava revolution

Wales’ independence movement offers hope for a different kind of politics. Those of us interested in Wales’ autonomy and freedom don’t want a carbon copy of the colonial British state. The hope is that with true independence we can lift our people out of poverty in the abolition of the class system, heal our environment […]

Values for independent Wales/ Join us

Join Undod at Caernarfon on Saturday for a Wales that we can all be proud to call home. We will be marching with Undod banners and then meeting at Llety Arall. The excitement is palpable in anticipation of Saturday’s second AUOB march for independence, to be held in Caernarfon. And what better way to commemorate […]

IndyWales and race

The first Welsh Independence march took place on 11th May 2019. With nearly 3000 people in attendance, a march route weaved in and out of the centre of Cardiff to finally arrive at the top of the Hayes. It culminated in a series of brief speeches by Adam Price of Plaid Cymru, Carys Eleri, Sion […]

Bridgend Ford is a catastrophe. Wales must learn the economic lessons

Last week in Wales should, in years to come, be considered a few days that defined an epoch. After years of prevarication, the M4 relief road was finally scrapped for what must surely be the final time. Within days, Ford had announced they were shutting their factory in Bridgend, with the loss of around 2000 […]

Wales, the climate emergency, and the M4

Statement Undod is a movement established to secure independence for Wales. An independence worthy of the name follows several essential principles including, but not limited to: climate justice protecting our natural environment an ethical economy for all of Wales’ people, and all of the peoples of the world. Undod strongly opposes the idea to build […]

S.O. Davies and economic independence for Wales

Thanks to Nye Davies for a great discussion event in Merthyr in the context of the labour movement and an independent Wales, giving us a lot to reflect on in terms of the relationship between socialism and Welsh independence. In particular, Nye was discussing the politics of the legendary S.O. Davies who was Labour MP […]

Interview with Jean-François Joubert, Québec Solidaire activist

Adam Johannes from Cardiff People’s Assembly talks to Jean-François Joubert, a Québec Solidaire activist. In October 2018 Québec saw a historic election with the two parties that have traded power for generations both hammered at the polls by voters hungry for change. The main beneficiary was the right wing Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ), but the […]

A Brexit escape route for Wales?

A few weeks ago a most unusual occurrence came to pass. The Guardian ran a piece that focused some of its attention on Wales. Whatsmore, despite Brexit being its focus, it did not involve another of those narratives about a journey into the Heart of Darkness – the latest attempt to find out why the […]

Democratising the Welsh alternative media

This is an adaptation of an article which originally appeared in Welsh in the magazine O’r Pedwar Gwynt. Thank you to the author and the magazine for giving Undod permission to republish it. Before we start, let us accept a basic truth: there is nothing inherently Welsh about the Welsh media, and there is no […]

The night IndyWales became the best gig in town

“Something’s Happening” were the words that summed up the occasion. An ineffable feeling that could not be expressed in any specific terms, but only sensed in the moment. Well over a thousand people crammed into the Tramshed to listen to a veritable feast of artists singing under the banners #yesismore and #gellirgwell – urging people […]

US imperialism in Venezuela, and the legacy of colonialism

For too long, solidarity with the oppressed, the working class and the “wretched of the earth” has been an afterthought for those on the left of the Welsh independence movement. Solidarity with socialists abroad shouldn’t be an adjunct, a caveat to the “real” struggle of Welsh independence; it is part of one organic whole, our […]

No royalty: defining and growing a truly democratic Wales

What kind of Wales should we have? Let’s establish a foundational principle right now: the people of Wales must have the powers to decide their own future. Wales must be a democratic country, in the fullest sense. If we as a people value our democracy then this has implications. We cannot sustain, endorse, or even […]

We have to share a picture of the independent Wales we want

Occasionally, I get asked how it was that I became involved in the Welsh national movement. The answer is that I had what you might call an epiphany – like the flicking of a switch – one evening in 2016. I saw a flyer advertising a meeting that Leanne Wood was hosting in my local […]

Socialism and independence for Wales

Discussion about the relationship between socialism and the national question is fundamental to the future of the movement for independence, Undod. In these notes it is argued that a belief in the creation of socialism in one country is a dangerous foolishness. Outlined below are twelve considerations pertinent to the debate about the relationship between […]

Radical politics and the Welsh language

If there is any hope of success for the indy movement in Wales, there is a real need to ensure a sense of unity amongst those who contribute. In this regard we might as well begin with one potential sticking point – the language. Too often, it can be seen to be a factor that […]

Undod: invitation to the launch of the Radical Independence for Wales movement

You are warmly invited to the launch of a new progressive movement which campaigns for independence for Wales. Siaradwyr / Speakers: Nia Edwards-Behi Sandy Clubb Dan Evans (Desolation Radio) + more Saturday 26th January 2019 11am till 3pm Yr Hen Goleg, Aberystwyth, SY23 2AU Undod launch event on Facebook At 11am, on the 26th of January, […]


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