Black Lives Matter. Statement

Holiday homes and homelessness: Wales’ housing crisis (video) This discussion was recorded on Wednesday 18th November 2020. (Please note that this is a verbatim recording which does not contain the evening’s simultaneous translation audio track of contributions in Welsh into English. Technical lessons have been learned for next time!) Here’s the original blurb for the event: From small rural communities to densely […]

Why a truly radical movement must engage with children’s rights – lecture by Prof Elspeth Webb

Professor Elspeth Webb is a retired community paediatrician and Professor in Child Health at Cardiff University who has worked for decades in children’s rights, child protection, health inequalities, and building a human rights approach to medical training in Wales and beyond. As children continue to fall through the cracks of the Covid-19 economy, the debate […]

No going back to normal: Gramsci, capitalism, political crisis, and our response

 By: Tad Davies, Ted Jackson, Garmon ab Ion “This is the Italian Marxist revolutionary Antonio Gramsci. He dedicated much time and thought to the concept of crisis. Through the upheavals of the first world war and then the bienno rosso, the “two red years” of near-revolution in its aftermath , he believed that from […]