We are a democratic, non-hierarchical, republican movement established to secure independence for Wales.

1(i) The British state is a fundamentally undemocratic, warmongering and imperial order which exploits the working class, the marginalised and the dispossessed for the benefit of the elites.

(ii) We vigorously reject national chauvinism, racism and intolerance in Wales in all its guises. We stand opposed to all forms of fascism and neo-fascism.

(iii) An independent Wales should be a beacon of international solidarity. We support oppressed peoples, leftist movements and progressive independence movements, oppose warmongering and imperialist wars, and strive for peace.

2) (i) We stand for the protection of our natural environment as it is essential for all our futures as Welsh citizens and inhabitants of this planet to ensure a worthwhile life for ourselves, our children and generations to come.

(ii) The means of economic production and Wales’s natural resources should be owned by the people of Wales. Justice, care and sustainability are the cornerstones of the economy and the basis for a flourishing nation, not profit and capital.

(iii) We support an ethical economy for Wales; we oppose the military and prison industrial complex.

3 (i) Welsh is our national language and it belongs to everyone in Wales. We demand Welsh-medium education for all and use of the language in all areas of everyday life. We will work to see it flourish as a community language in all parts of the country.

(ii) We demand justice for women, people of colour, LGBT people, migrants and disabled people. Together, we will fight for a society where everyone is liberated from oppression.

(iii) We demand shelter and high quality healthcare for all, and free universal education for people of all ages.

We intend to use our democratic rights to free assembly, freedom of expression and protest. We will exercise these rights vigorously, through non-violent direct action to secure our aims and further our values.