Symbols are important. They shape our perception of who we are. The in-your-face symbol of our subjugation is the monarchy. But it’s more than that. At a time when the differences between the poor and rich are becoming more apparent, where food and fuel poverty are rife, and people are homeless; the existence of such a privileged family raises two fingers to everyone in need outside the elite. The Union Jack and the Windsors are used as a political tool to condition people to accept the order of things.

Read the article No Royalty: defining and growing a truly democratic Wales by Carl Morris in 2019. His analysis is perceptive.

For the British establishment, reinforcing the foundations of power is important. By using the monarchy, which is the symbolic pinnacle of the state, in Mrs Windsor’s platinum jubilee pageant in early June, an attempt is made to distract people from the complex daily struggles of living, and to offer a circus instead. The phrase: “Let them eat cakes” comes to mind ……..

The armed forces will take a leading role in the ‘celebrations’, as expected, as wearing the uniform is a monarchy favorite. A concert, naturally with commentary by Huw Edwards, will feature several alleged “national treasures”, such as Cliff Richard, Alan Titchmarsh – and Basil Brush! It’s all broadcast of course, and there will be a big screen in Bute Park, Cardiff, to avoid depriving little old Wales of the circus.

Republicans can renounce it all by continuing to work throughout, or by not getting out of the house, or going on vacation abroad. Avoid any street parties at all costs. And if you want to post a letter, apply the stamp upside down!

Shouldn’t we look beyond the jubilee and ask – what next?

Already, anti-royal responses have been evident recently. Andrew, who has paid millions to a girl he claims he never met, is reviled. William and Kate had a cool reception welcome in the Caribbean, as did his uncle Edward and his wife Sophie – because of the monarchy’s connection with slavery. There was anger as Charles opened the Parliament in London in his splendid and bemedalled uniform (for what, exactly, was he awarded them?), reading the Government’s destructive programme while the imperial crown, worth millions on millions, was perched next to him. Supporters of Liverpool FC mocked the English anthem and Prince William at Wembley in the FA cup final.

We need to look beyond Mrs Windsor’s time, and oppose the continuation of the monarchy. There are practical as well as ideological reasons for this. Here are some things to consider.

  1. Senedd – why should Members of the Welsh Senedd have to take the oath of allegiance to the crown? This is not a requirement in Northern Ireland, as the Republicans would not be willing to take such an oath, and so the Good Friday Agreement would not have taken place.
  2. The Crown Estate – why can’t Wales control these assets, as Scotland does? The queen herself currently receives 25% of Crown Estate income (a percentage that rose from 15% in 2017 to pay for the repair of Buckingham Palace). The Estate’s renewable assets grew from £ 49.2 million in 2020 to £ 549.1 million in 2021.
  3. King Charles – why should we accept him? It would endorse a medieval system based on inequality and a privilege of birth.
  4. Prince of Wales – will there be an investiture for William as for Charles in 1969? That was a political stunt from a Government that feared the growth of nationalism in Wales.
  5. The “honours” system that is named after one of the most violent organizations ever – the British Empire. How often are “good Welshmen and Welshwomen” heard claiming to receive a gong on behalf of their organization, thus putting themselves and their organization under an obligation to the monarchy? How often do we hear of people buying honors? Why should we continue with a system with a hierarchy dependent on money and class?

The truth is that this should not be a matter of debate in any country, including England. For Wales, it represents our subjugation, and is a tool to keep us downtrodden. Who is not ashamed to see people kowtowing to any visitor from this family, or laughing madly while listening to one of their inane jokes? The monarchy is the worm in the social tree, and the sooner it ceases to exist the better.

May this jubilee be the last jubilee!

Citizens not subjects!

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