Undod is pleased to invite you to join the movement.

We are a republican, green and anti-hierarchical organisation set up to ensure independence for Wales, and to act now in a way that emulates our vision for the future. Membership is open to anyone who agrees to support our core principles.

We are fully funded by our members and need to build a fighting fund to allow us to campaign. If you can afford to donate money, there is an option to do so.

Membership form

    Our goals

    Undod membership means that you will join us in building a better future for people in Wales and around the world, through radical and innovative responses to the challenges we face. Our short-term goals are to:

    • Act as a pressure group on those who hold power and oppress,
    • offer transformative political education,
    • and ensure radical analysis and criticism of the politics of our day.

    Growth of the movement

    As the movement grows we will expand our activity and set other goals with guidance from grassroots group activity. Any overall priorities will be decided democratically within national meetings and we will rely on the whole membership to drive things forward

    Whether you choose to join in spreading our message, or become more actively involved, your voice will help ensure that there is a strong vision for independence in Wales – one rooted in social, economic and environmental justice.


    Undod is coordinated by a nationwide network of contributors. Members are eligible to vote at national meetings to elect representatives who take on the roles needed to coordinate and organise activities, to support membership efforts.

    Being a member will make you the first to hear news about Undod, and will make it easier for you to support and contribute, in whatever way suits you. Our members are encouraged to coordinate locally with others who share the values ​​of Undod, and to organise events and campaigns that are relevant to them or the community in which they live. We are in the process of creating an information pack on how to approach organising locally.

    The all-Wales Undod network will support and promote these local activities, so that we can grow as a grassroots organisation that is creating radical change in Wales.

    Contact details

    Membership is not limited to those living in Wales. We welcome unity and solidarity with other like-minded groups and individuals, across the world, who are working for a better future through radical and progressive approaches.

    By joining you are agreeing to Undod holding your contact details and using these to keep you up to date with Undod’s forthcoming meetings, events and campaigns.

    Contact details are your name, email address and entering your phone number is optional.