This discussion was recorded on Wednesday 18th November 2020.

(Please note that this is a verbatim recording which does not contain the evening’s simultaneous translation audio track of contributions in Welsh into English. Technical lessons have been learned for next time!)

Here’s the original blurb for the event:

From small rural communities to densely populated towns and cities, Wales has a housing crisis.

While buildings sit empty, people are forced out onto the streets due to a lack of affordable housing and our debased welfare state.

Others are priced out of their own communities as second homes turn the housing market into a feeding frenzy, with disastrous impacts for the Welsh language and working class.

Holiday homes and homelessness are two sides of the same coin.

Adequate housing in thriving communities is a privilege in Wales, not the right it should be.

Join Undod and friends for an evening of discussion as we ask: How do we fix housing in Wales?

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