Undod is pleased to announce the launch of its membership.

We are a democratic, non-hierarchical, republican movement established to secure independence for Wales. Membership is free to anyone who agrees to support our core principles, and options for financial contributions will be announced in due course.

Membership of Undod means that you join us in building a better future for people in Wales and around the world, through radical and progressive solutions to the challenges we face. Whether you simply follow us and help amplify our message, or are in a position to become more actively involved, your voice will help ensure that there is a vision for independence in Wales – one that is rooted in social, economic and environmental justice, not simply independence for its own sake.


Undod is currently coordinated by a network of activists across the country, and does not yet have any formal leadership roles. Members will be eligible to vote at future national meetings, to elect a number of representatives for the movement. These representatives will take on key roles in coordinating and organising activity in support of the membership.

Becoming a member will mean that you are the first to hear news about Undod and it will make it easier for you to support us in whatever way suits you. Our members are encouraged to coordinate locally with other people who share Undod’s values, and to organise events and campaigns that are relevant to them or the community where they live. The Wales-wide Undod network will support and promote these local activities, so that we can continue to grow as a grass-roots movement for radical change in Wales.

Contact details

Membership is not restricted to those living in Wales. We welcome solidarity from other like-minded groups and individuals around the world who are working towards a better future via radical and progressive means.

In becoming a member you agree to Undod holding your contact details and using these to keep you updated with news about upcoming meetings, events and campaigns that Undod are organising.

Online membership form coming soon

Contact details are your name, email address and optionally your telephone number. Undod will hold your personal data safely and securely in line with GDPR best practice guidance. We will not share your contact details with any third party organisations.