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The Welsh Government is to blame for the second wave, not working class people: resist their tactic of divide and rule!

Over the last few weeks, as Wales has become the only part of the UK where COVID-19 cases continue to rise, there seems to have been a conscious decision made by the Welsh Government to attempt to shift the blame away from themselves and onto the general public. On Tuesday, Vaughan Gething appeared on various […]

Welsh Government: always one step behind

More than two weeks into the COVID-19 crisis and the signs are not good in Wales. The NHS Health Board bearing the name of its founder is currently recording higher levels of infection per 100,000 people than London, while the state of Wales as a whole is comparable to the English West Midlands – one […]

A lethal case of one-partyism

This weekend has seen Wales embarrassed on a global scale, as the Welsh Government stood by whilst the WRU attempted to hold the dead rubber Wales v Scotland rugby game. At first, we thought it was a mistake, a delay. They’ll cancel it, don’t worry. Memes circulated – ‘we can’t cancel the rugby mun, Denzil’s […]