Undod is a movement established to secure independence for Wales.

An independence worthy of the name follows several essential principles including, but not limited to:

  • climate justice
  • protecting our natural environment
  • an ethical economy

for all of Wales’ people, and all of the peoples of the world.

Undod strongly opposes the idea to build a new M4, the ‘relief road’, and urges the Welsh Government to follow its own stated priorities, and rule out this destructive scheme.

For the sake of future generations Undod declares its intention to campaign vigorously, including the use of non-violent direct action methods – if the Welsh Government decides to pursue any plan to build a new M4.

Reasons to oppose the new M4

The climate emergency

  • Such a large road project ignores the scientific evidence of a climate emergency and calls by campaigners, particularly by many young people. It is in contradiction to the recent statement of the Welsh Government itself regarding the climate emergency.
  • With a climate emergency having been declared, we must now look beyond increasing road or motorway capacity for fossil fuel vehicles. Instead we must change our way of life to drastically reduce carbon emissions, adopt active travel methods, and improve public health.

Real harms

  • The worldwide climate crisis is already harming communities of people and less privileged nations.
  • Wildlife around the world is threatened by global warming. For the sake of this and future generations, we must also protect our own precious wetlands, the Gwent Levels, from destruction.

Wales’ people and economy

  • Public investments, in the round, must ensure the success of Wales as a whole rather than focus on one corner of the country.
  • Borrowing such a large sum from the Treasury in London for such an expensive project creates an unacceptable situation for the people of Wales and the economy of Wales. Wales as a country will be even further from being economically independent, and further subject to the British state.

Open letter

For the attention of the Welsh Government

We are part of a new political movement in Wales called Undod, and we are fighting to secure an independence for Wales that is worthy of the name. We aim to build an inclusive political society that promotes communities and an ethical economy, which plays a full role in the protection of the world’s natural environment and climate.

The long term aim of a socialist, feminist, anti-racist and green republic must begin in the here and now. We are resolved to campaign for climate justice and against government actions that take us further away from those aims and to stand against the arrogance, short-termism and skulduggery that characterises so much of our politics in today’s British state.

Unfortunately, our own Senedd is not immune to these tendencies, and there is a danger that the Welsh Government is about to indulge the most rank hypocrisy in declaring the building of a new M4 ‘relief road’, having declared a climate emergency only a few weeks ago.

We draw your attention to your own government policy as embodied in the Well-being of Future Generations Act and this recent declaration, and emphasise the damage to the local wildlife, the increase in carbon emissions, and the failure a decision of this nature would represent in the face of the desperate need to change our travel habits and policy.

To borrow such a large sum of money from London for a project in one corner of Wales creates an unacceptable situation for our people and economy. As a country we will be even further from economic independence, and further subject to the British state.

A 21st century Wales must invest in an eco-friendly way of life for all people, especially in transport, not repeat the tired policies of the 20th century.

Should the Welsh Government decide to defy its own principles and legislation, Undod (as well as other groups in our civil society no doubt) will be left with no choice other than to campaign through non-violent direct action against such a disingenuous and environmentally damaging decision.

Mr Mark Drakeford came to power as the First Minister of Wales with the promise of 21st century socialism; such a socialism must, by definition, prioritise the climate. We trust that he will make the correct decision in setting Wales on the way to becoming a country of which we can all be proud.

Yn ddiffuant


The content of these articles does not necessarily convey the standpoints of Undod as a movement. We have chosen to publish a variety of items by people who support our principles as a movement in order to inspire and spur conversation.