Winning radical independence for Wales requires a network of organisations to communicate our ideas, bring people together and agitate for the transformation we want to see. That’s why we’ll be sharing highlights from Wales’ growing grassroots media that you may have missed.


  • The crew at Voice.Wales have analysed Welsh Government’s picks for post-Covid advisers and how it shows their commitment to market-led solutions.
  • They’ve also exposed the Welsh-born tax avoiding owner of Specsavers for refusing to top-up wages of furloughed workers.
  • Huw Williams’ essay ‘The New Dissent’ was published in O’r Pedwar Gwynt, with an English translation available here.
  • In response to the First Minister’s recent comments on nationalism, Sam Coates made an internationalist case for breaking up the UK in
  • The latest from the Tarian Cymru campaign that some Undod members have been helping with.


  • Plans afoot to remember the destruction of the Welsh language community of Epynt.
  • Vaughan Roderick’s reflections of the pandemic.

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The content of these articles does not necessarily convey the standpoints of Undod as a movement. We have chosen to publish a variety of items by people who support our principles as a movement in order to inspire and spur conversation.